Why Men Only?

Here at Into Action Recovery Society, we cater to men only, providing a supportive, secure environment where you can feel free to open up among each other. Sure, co-ed treatment settings are valuable too, but we’ve found through the years that most men prefer to let go and open up in the company of other men, rather than women. They feel as if they can be more vulnerable without feeling judged.

The following are some men-only addiction treatment benefits we believe in:

  • Men feel as if it’s easier to let go and get in touch with their emotions among other men in group sessions. When women are present, men tend to think they have to be strong. They think vulnerability means weakness and tend to hold things inside.
  • In an all-men environment, there’s no temptation to form romantic ties with women. This allows men to have the time and space to solely focus on themselves and their recovery.
  • Men entering addiction recovery often have deep-seated feelings of shame and fear. Perhaps they’ve not been responsible for their family. Or, they’ve burned a lot of bridges with family and/or friends. It’s oftentimes easier for men to process and resolve such feelings among other men who tend to feel the same way.
  • Often, men have different wants and needs than women, so to be among men only allows them to focus solely on those particular issues.

Are you seeking a men-only addiction treatment center? If so, reach out today. We’d love to help you get on your recovery path.

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