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Finding the right alcohol or drug treatment program for you is a process that matters. Oftentimes, people choose a program based solely on the cost, perhaps because of lack of funds. Others look more toward a treatment program that’s more private and/or offers more luxurious services.

There’s no right or wrong on the matter. It’s whatever someone desires.

Benefits Of Private Addiction Treatment

There are some pros to seeking private treatment over public treatment centers. One pro is that the wait time is usually shorter at a private program. Public-funded facilities may have their beds full for months, which can be quite disappointing to someone who wants and needs treatment as soon as possible.

Another pro of private rehab is that they’re often secluded and offer more anonymity. Of course, private rehabs aren’t just for celebrities or successful public figures, though a lot of these men and women struggling with addiction choose private rehabs.

The third benefit of private rehab is that they typically have a slightly better success rate than some public-funded rehabs. This may be due to being able to have more qualified therapists, a low staff-to-resident ratio, having more one-on-one time with each resident, or a wide range of treatment options.

Inspire Change and Wellness Private Treatment

If you’re seeking more of a private style treatment program, look no further than Inspire Change and Wellness Addiction Treatment For Men. This private rehab offers more privacy, as well as luxurious services you might not find at a public program. If you enjoy things like gourmet meals, fitness and yoga classes, and high-end treatment, a private rehab will suit you well.

Learn more about Inspire Change And Wellness Addiction Treatment For Men today.

Vancouver Drug Rehab

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction, chances are you’re feeling ashamed and/or alone. You’ve tried to quit more than once, and perhaps have had some success, but you end up relapsing. Or maybe you put off seeking help because you tend to believe that it’s your fault you’re addicted, and you feel you don’t deserve to get free and live a happy life.

We want you to know that this isn’t true, and here at Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Treatment Centre for Men, we’re happy to tell you that you deserve to live the kind of life you truly desire. The kind of life marked with peace, happiness, and success, regardless of what your past decisions or circumstances have been.

Chances are you’re here knowing you’ve got an addiction problem, but you may feel like you’ve got it under control. You’re functioning pretty well at work or home, so you figure you’re good to go. In fact, you’ve seen plenty of people far worse, so you think you’ll just wait and seek help if you hit your rock bottom. However, “rock bottom” isn’t something you should wait around for, because hitting “bottom” may mean horrible things, like losing your family, prison, irreparable damage to your body, financial ruin, and possibly death.

Don’t wait around till you’ve experienced such awful things. Let today be the day you draw a line in the sand and say, “No more!” Whether you’ve been struggling with addiction for six months or ten years, the time to act is now. We have the expertise and strategies to help you truly get free. We are committed wholeheartedly to help you navigate your recovery path one step and a time, so that you can live the kind of life you deserve.


Most of us can relate to how disheartening it can be to watch a loved one struggle with addiction, oftentimes witnessing their life fall apart. That person you used to know – husband, brother, son, father, friend, etc. – just isn’t there anymore. He seems like he’s just a shell of what he used to be.

Perhaps he’s grown distant or cold. Or that goodhearted, gentle person has turned into an ornery, angry man that spews hurtful words or physical abuse. You may feel you can’t trust him anymore and that likely feels horrible.

We understand. Being on the opposite end of someone who is struggling with an addiction can be very trying. It can cause you to feel all sorts of emotions too, from anger to fear to hopelessness.

Rest assured that though it might feel like you’ve lost that person to addiction, you haven’t. It might feel like he’ll always be addicted or relapse again and again, but we’re here to assure you that there is hope. He wants to get sober and clean just as much as you want him to. He’s still that same man you love – he’s just trapped underneath layers and layers of pain and he doesn’t know how to get out.

This is where we come in. We’re here to help your loved one get free from addiction and get every part of his life back. We’re here to help him dig through the pain and contend with whatever issues underlie his addiction. We’re here to assist him in learning how to live life, even amidst its challenges, sober and clean.

And, we’re here to help you, because we understand addiction affects everyone. It affects relationships, families, and friends, as it’s possible some bridges may have been burned along the way. We’ll help you and your loved one move forward learning how you both can navigate life experiencing more peace and joy individually and as a family unit.


At Inspire Change and Wellness Addiction Treatment Center For Men, we embrace just how unique you truly are. We understand that recovery is not usually a straight path. It’s a zig-zagging road with some ups and downs and varies depending on different factors in your life.

As such, we make sure your private addiction treatment program is customized to meet your specific needs. We work alongside you, taking into consideration who you are as a person, your goals and dreams, the state of your physical and mental health, and your relationships.

We treat the addiction – whatever addiction you’re struggling with. However, we also treat you as a whole person in a holistic manner. We believe that addictions don’t just show up randomly. They’re usually a symptom of something else going on under the surface, such as childhood abuse, neglect, trauma, PTSD, chronic illness or pain, shattered dreams, mental illness, family, relationship problems, and more. Ultimately, for you to beat that addiction, the underlying issues need to be identified, processed and healed.

This can feel a bit daunting or scary for some. The thought of digging into your past to face pain, negative emotions, shame, fear, poor choices, and so on can feel challenging. You may be used to running or escaping such things, but rest assured that by you facing and working through such issues, you’re actually on your way to complete freedom – emotionally and otherwise.

The tools and methods that we use in our private addiction treatment and rehab programs include the following:

Nutrition: We focus on building you up physically, replenishment of your body with nutritious foods. We understand alcohol or drug use can wear the body down, and often addiction can cause one to neglect their physical health. By focusing on getting good food into your body, you’ll begin to feel stronger.

Physical activity: When you feel physically strong, you’re more apt to feel mentally and emotionally strong. We encourage regular physical activities at your pace, so you can regain your strength and improve the functioning of your organs and body systems.

Individual therapy: We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment with professional therapists, where you can delve into issues that may have been tripping you up in your life. One-on-one therapy is valuable, as you have the opportunity to share those things that perhaps you’ve not been able to share elsewhere out of fear or shame.

Group therapy: It’s helpful to be involved in group therapy sessions, as you get to hear what other men are struggling with. It can be valuable to know that you’re not alone in your struggles. And, you have the chance to be there for your fellow brothers in need by encouraging them and sharing your own story.

Community activities: Be engaging in community activities with other men, you can gain that feeling of solid teamwork once again. Connecting with others in meaningful ways can help you in a variety of ways, including feeling a part of something and developing valuable communication skills.

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