Solution Focused Therapy

No matter who you are, you have likely faced problems in your life that have brought you down and made you feel hopeless. In times like these, more people have started to lose sight of what they are looking to get out of life and are having issues coping with their struggles. Because of this increase, therapists around the world are employing effective therapeutic methods and practices that they believe will help their patients get back on track.

Traditional therapy has existed in a number of forms and practices throughout history, but some methods lack in several areas of treatment. With these limitations in mind, new and innovative techniques have come to address common pitfalls.

One of those solutions is called solution-focused therapy. With this newer style of therapy, patients are getting a much different outlook on their issues than standard therapy offers. New perspectives mean better results for anyone looking to get the most out of therapy.

To get you acclimated with this new form of therapy, we want to give you some insights as to what it is and what it is designed to do. Once we understand the basic idea of what solution-focused therapy has to offer, we can come to recognize the practical benefits it offers to the average person when looking to reach out for help.

Solution based therapy

What is Solution Focused Therapy?

In the late 1970s, a team of psychologists were looking to develop a new form of therapy that shifted the conventional understanding of how we address the needs of a patient. After they observed hundreds of hours of traditional therapy to see how it was affecting both patients and their therapists, they noticed a distinctive pattern that was primarily focused on the problems in a person’s life.

This was commonly the method used to try and help patients get past their issues, but it was seemingly impractical to the team of researchers. Because of this, they devised their own method of therapy that came to be known as Solution Focused Brief therapy or Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) for short. As the name would suggest, the new form of therapy that was created by these researchers is designed to primarily focus on the solutions that can be reached with a patient rather than just the problems.

At its core, SFT is designed to help guide people to a version of themselves that is more positive and capable of dealing with problems. To do this, the general methods that are used to get a patient to open up are things like having them recall past successes in their lives and giving them compliments to shift their mindset into one of a more positive view. The very design of this method of therapy is focused on creating goals for a patient so that they can see the positive changes they need to make in order to move forward in life.

Now that we understand the founding and application of SFT, we can look at why it has become so popular. To do this, let’s look at the benefits it offers to patients as an idea of just how powerful it can really be.

How Solution Focused Therapy can Help You

Allows you to focus on strengths

Therapy has generally been a way for people to hear what issues they have, but that can be a rather unproductive approach to getting people feeling better. When SFT is used with a patient, it allows them to have self-recognition of their own positive strengths that they can later use to deal with their problems. The way this is done is by the therapist giving compliments to positive action taken by the patient so they can reinforce their positive self-image. They praise those action steps taken to boost confidence, and this helps them get better results with those specified strengths in the future.

Establishes goals to set

In almost every area of life, the process of setting goals to help you improve in a specified area is a common practice for self-improvement. With the impactful potential that is offered by setting goals, SFT specialists can use the tactics to understand the root of a patient’s problem so that they can then set up a system of goals that are then used to alleviate that issue. Taking the time with a therapist to just sit down and figure out what solutions could arise when you set specific goals to take action on could get you on the right path towards success.

More efficient than other methods

One of the most common benefits for the average patient is the shorter duration of therapy that is associated with SFT. Traditional therapy is great for tackling issues with significant trauma that oftentimes requires long-term counseling. However, if you’ve just got a few issues that are getting you down or keeping you stuck, SFT may can be helpful. Just a few sessions of SFT can be all people need to get their goals set and plan to take for their future success.


With so much to be achieved through the therapy, it is great to see more resources being offered to those who need it most. Concepts like Solution Focused therapy are just one of many emerging ideas that are being used every day to help patients create the kind of lives they truly desire. The shorter duration of treatment, the focus on solutions, and the positive track record are certainly benefits to pay attention to if you’re seeking treatment.

Whatever issues you’re facing in life, consider reaching out for help via therapy. Whether the therapist uses the more traditional counseling methods, or Solution Focused Therapy, getting in there and doing your inner healing work can put you on a better life track.

You’ll be actively working with a professional to tackle issues that are tripping you up and setting goals for a better future.

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