Drug Descriptions


Alcohol – Alcohol is a legal beverage for adults over the age of 19 in most parts of Canada. Essentially, it’s a liquid that has ethanol in it and is often added to drinks like wine, beer, and other liquor drinks. It is considered an addictive drug and is classified as a depressant. This means it slows down some bodily functions. Large amounts of alcohol can impair the body, resulting in slurred speech, dizziness, lowered inhibitions, and poor concentration.

Benzodiazepines – Also called “benzos”, benzodiazepines are depressants that work on the central nervous system. These tranquillizers are prescribed mainly to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia but are oftentimes used by users to feel overly relaxed or euphoric. Benzos are quite addictive and many people might not even realize they’ve become addicted to them until they try to go off of them. Common benzos are Xanax and Valium.

Prescription Pain Pills – Opioid pain pills are very addictive and the number of people addicted to them has risen significantly over the last decade. Prescription pain pills are prescribed to treat chronic pain or moderate to severe pain after an injury or surgery. They certainly help people suffer less with pain, but due to the way they make people feel, they’re at high risk for addiction. Even those that take the medication as prescribed may become addicted to their medication without realizing it until they try to come off it. Common pain pills include Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Tramadol, Fentanyl as a patch, and Codeine.

Fentanyl – Fentanyl is a schedule II prescription synthetic opioid that is far more powerful than morphine – 50 to 100 times more. Used primarily for pain management after surgery, it is quite addictive and can be dangerous and life-threatening if used. On the street, fentanyl may be known as China Town, China White, Apace, Goodfellas, or Poison.

Cocaine – Cocaine is a Schedule II illegal drug that is addictive. Used largely for its stimulant properties, the drug can be dangerous and deadly if used. On the street, cocaine may be known as Powder, Coke, Blow, or Snow.

Crack – Crack cocaine is a form of cocaine that’s crystallized. It’s usually processed with ingredients such as ammonia or baking soda. As a stimulant, it’s a very addictive drug, with many users becoming addicted after just one use. It’s the most potent form of cocaine. Typically, crack is smoked in a pipe, leaving users feeling high amounts of euphoria. On the street, crack may be known as rock, base, or iron.

Crystal meth – Crystal meth, otherwise known as crystal methamphetamine, is an illegal drug that’s highly addictive. This man-made stimulant affects the central nervous system, causing feelings of euphoria, confidence, and energy. On the streets, it’s known as Ice, Tweek, Crank, Speed, or Uppers.

Heroin – Heroin is a very addictive drug that comes from the opioid morphine. It typically looks like brown or white powder, or sometimes a black, sticky substance. Heroin is highly addictive, with users becoming addicted after just one or two uses. Getting off heroin can be extremely tough because the withdrawal effects are so harsh. On the streets, heroin may be called smack, brown sugar, horse, or junk.

Party Drugs – Party drugs, or club drugs, are drugs that people create out of a variety of chemicals. They are quite dangerous, as you never know what chemicals or strengths of chemicals are being used to create them. Popular party drugs include Ecstasy (MDMA, Molly), Rohypnol (Ruffies), Ketamine (Special K), and GHB (Liquid Ecstasy).

Hallucinogens – A hallucinogen is a drug that alters a user’s reality. Under the influence of a hallucinogen, someone may see or hear things that aren’t there. They may have an out of body experience as well. Common hallucinogens include psilocybin (mushrooms), LSD, mescaline (Peyote cactus), and PCP.

Marijuana – Marijuana is a psychoactive herb that is used quite often. Though some say it’s not as addictive as many of the other drugs, it still has addictive qualities. The mind-altering drug produces feelings of euphoria and relaxation. On the streets, it may be known as weed, pot, bud, Mary Jane, or grass.

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