Second Stage Transitional Program

The Second Stage Transitional Housing Program is designed for those that complete the full 60-day First Stage Program located in Surrey.

We understand reintegrating into the community – and oftentimes life back in your home – can be challenging. The Second Stage Program is just the program that will give you the kind of support you need as you continue to progress toward fully independent living.

In this stage, you’ll commit to remaining sober and clean, attend at least four support meetings per week, commit to one daily chore, and be willing to be randomly drug tested. Residents typically spend 30 days in this stage before moving onto Stage Three or reintegrating back home. You’ll certainly have more freedom in this stage, as it’s more self-directed, but you also have some support and structure to lean on.

The Second Stage allows for a maximum of 30 days. During this time, residents have more freedom than the First Stage, yet still, have accountability and structure to help maintain sobriety. Those that work or attend school are able to leave the home in order to do so. The primary goal of the Second Stage Program is to continue building a solid recovery foundation so that residents are able to reintegrate into their home community confident and strong.

The Second Stage Program is in South Burnaby, close to the Skytrain. The home is in a safe neighbourhood, is clean, and comfortable. There are a set of rules to abide by just as there were in the First Stage, such as curfew and chores. Each week, residents must attend two mandatory meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays on site. Once a week, residents will have a session with a counsellor onsite as well.

Once the 30 days are completed in the Second Stage, residents have two options:

  1. Reintegrate to independent living at home
  2. Continue onto Stage Three Transitional Living

The Third Stage is much like the Second Stage, with continued support and semi-structure. However, residents have the option to stay in this stage as long as they feel necessary. This is a great option for those who just don’t feel strong enough to reintegrate back to their home environment, or are working toward establishing a new independent living arrangement in the community. The extra time helps them remain accountable, practice living life sober and free, and provides a continued structure that they may need. The added time can increase their chances of long-term success greatly.

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