Addiction Education

Here at Into Action Recovery Society, we take seriously the addiction education aspect of the addiction recovery rehab experience. Much of the time, those that end up addicted to alcohol or drugs have fallen into some negative attitudes and behaviours. They may not understand addiction or recovery well. They may be lacking important skills, such as conflict management, communication, boundary setting, and other life skills helpful to manage everyday life.

We provide every client with the kind of education, resources, and support that will help them go on to live a life free from addiction.

We provide evidence-based education, which means that the information has been tested over time and has been found to have positive results. In other words, we make sure that the education and/or workshops offered here actually help those who apply it to their lives. Statistics are very important here, and we only offer educational programs that have a well-known, positive outcome.

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Addiction Recovery Myths

There are various myths and stigmas about addiction. We spend time debunking those myths, as well as advocating for positive views on mental health. We engage in healthy, stigma-free conversations surrounding addiction, stigma, and various mental health issues. It’s not always easy to engage in conversations about oneself, addiction, and recovery. We teach right upfront about things like vulnerability, shame, stigmas, and courage. We give everyone permission to be honest with themselves and others, without having to worry about what others will think or way. No doubt you’ll enjoy a safe space that’s non-judgmental.

We value each individual. We understand that addiction can cause emotional, mental, and physical issues. We weave into our addiction education tools, techniques, and support that address each area of your life. We work at recovery from a holistic perspective.

Addiction Awareness

To help combat addiction in our community, we use various resources to help raise addiction awareness and recovery. Online, we utilize platforms like social media and educational articles. We also post regular blog articles that cover a wide range of addiction recovery topics.

Raising awareness by engaging the community can help people learn about addiction and the possibility that those that are addicted can recover. Providing information at the micro and macro level in the community helps us reach potential clients and their families.


Our website is a platform that covers addiction education and recovery in detail. We include the bios of all our professional staff, which includes their credentials and experience. We take pride in hiring those with excellent educational and addiction recovery experience. We also include an in-depth explanation of the various methods of addiction recovery and support we offer, as well as various in-depth articles that cover things like alcoholism, drug addiction, support groups, the detox process, and more. For those who want to stay connected with us or learn about upcoming events, there’s a subscription to our regular newsletters.

Programs Offered

You’ll find the various programs offered on our website for addiction recovery. From the First Stage Residential Program to the Second Stage Transitional Program to Long Term Sober Living, you’ll be able to understand the vast scope of services we offer. We take pride in creating recovery opportunities for anyone regardless of where they are in terms of addiction. We have excellent programs for those just beginning recoveries or those who have been trying to recover for a while.


We regularly create helpful podcasts that can encourage and strengthen those on the recovery path. Each person sharing on the podcast is well-versed in addiction recovery, providing evidence-based education on addiction, recovery, and skills necessary for a good life.

Social Media Platforms

We are quite active on social media, promoting addiction education awareness. Using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we reach thousands with encouraging, hopeful messages and information.


We offer the opportunity for upcoming professionals to come and volunteer at our facility. Students that are studying the addiction recovery field are welcome to come and experience evidence-based therapies and practices. We may also consider those that have some recovery time under their belt to come and volunteer at various times. Contact us to discuss these options further.


We offer a range of resources that help clients, families, and the community learn more about the various drugs typically involved in addiction, as well as support options. We have detailed descriptions of addictive substances, the various 12 Step recovery groups, as well as an introduction to SMART Recovery.

FAQ Page

It’s helpful to understand the various aspects of a recovery program before making a commitment to attend. This is why we’ve created a FAQ page. We cover various frequently asked questions about addiction, recovery, and Into Action Recovery Society. You can learn what to expect at rehab, why Into Action is for men only, why you should choose our rehab, as well as what you should bring to treatment.

At Into Action Recovery Society, we aim to inform and educate current clients, potential clients, families, and those in the community on addiction and recovery by means of our in-depth website, social media platforms, clinical meetings, and outreach efforts. Take some time to delve into the website to see if our recovery modality suits you.

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