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Into Action Recovery Society treatment centre in Burnaby is a team of substance abuse professionals who know what it takes to become free from addiction and how to regain control of your life. We are committed to hope, integrity, unity, empowerment, and trust.

We offer a SMART (Self-Management And Recovery Training) support group; a science-based global community of people who are there for you, with a sensible 4-Point Program.

At Into Action Recovery Society treatment centre in Burnaby, there is hope for men suffering from addictions to drugs and alcohol. We can free you from the grip of substance-based or behavioural addictions. We offer supportive, provincially recognized recovery and transitional housing in the Burnaby area.

Into Action Recovery Society Treatment Programs

We offer you a range of options in Burnaby for the various stages of addiction.

Stage One, The Residential Supportive Recovery Program:

Stage one is the first step. Each day includes one-on-one counselling, support groups, educational groups, and process groups, in a structured, safe, and comfortable residential setting. Stage one is a 60-day phase, ending with the option of returning home or continuing to stage two.

Stage Two, The Short-Term Residential Transitional Program:

Stage two helps you transition. For 30 more days you can stay removed from the environment that may have triggered your unwanted behaviour. You’ll continue in support groups, daily tasks, and structured house rules geared toward helping you manage. With no interference with work or school schedules, after 30 days you can either continue to stage three or return home.

Stage Three, The Long-Term Residential Transitional Program:

Stage three provides additional control and support. The length of time varies case-by-case, but this is for those that have completed stages one and two, yet still feel they need an extended period of control and support. While you can still attend school or go back to work, this stage adds to the accountability and structure of the recovery program.

In addition to alcohol and behavioural treatment, the program also addresses cocaine addiction and benzodiazepine addiction.

Why You Should Choose Us, Who Chooses Us, and How We Can Help

You should choose Into Action Recovery Society in Burnaby because being overseen by Frazer Health Authority and Accreditation Canada means that we maintain a safe and professional service for you and your family.

Who chooses us, is determined by a screening test to establish who is in need. It might be you, a loved one, or an employee, anyone who needs a helping hand while struggling with an addiction, anxiety, depression, a mood disorder, or a behavioural disorder. From the 12 steps of NA to our Burnaby detox centre, we are a great place to reboot your life.

How we can help is by acknowledging that every person is unique and has their own story. The more we know about you, the more we can help. Throughout our program of transitions, you can break free to live the life you want.

Our programs may include family, or a therapeutic holistic approach like yoga, education, grief counselling, and more.

We provide a high level of professional care in a home-like environment, rather than a facility that feels more like an institution. Many of our patients let us know that it is a more comfortable way to take that first step.

Contact Into Action Recovery Society

Feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you here in Burnaby. Call (604) 933-9003, or email us at: intake@intoaction.ca.

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