Our Previous Patients

Staff who understand what you're going through, they will support you through your recovery and give you the tools to make it through!

Roman Z

Thank you for accepting me when no one else would, You put hope back into me and never gave up on me. People will come to know your intentions of truly helping others!

Andre Z

I got clean here, they gave me a opportunity. I did what was suggested, went to meetings and did the work. I am 16 months clean and sober working full time and giving back because Into Action gave me a chance.

Felix B

This place is amazing! They are the real deal and dont mess around when it comes to sobriety! They don't with love and compassion and today I have a new family with these guys! I came in several years ago and completely turned my life around! My family is happy and i feel safe and secure in my recovery. These guys saved me! Thank you!

Ryan U

Affordable, structured, safe environment. Staff are approachable, professional and equipped to apply holistic treatment. 12 step based, with a diverse techniques for mental, emotional and spiritual recovery. Meals are healthy and freshly prepared by a chef. Excellent value for a private pay facility. Highly recommended.

Mike S

Best place ever. I arrived in March 2020 in the very beginning of the pandemic and I felt so much safer than where I came from. The facilities are always very clean and the staff are all super compassionate and understanding of where we are at. Today I'm 18 months clean and still a very active member of the society. They have helped numerous friends of mine since I came there and given me a purpose in life. I strongly recommend this place if you or someone you love wants to change their life for the better.

Cruize C

This place saved my Life!! I was down and out, sick of what addiction had done to my life. The staff are incredible here, caring and respectful

Ivan Y

The staff are caring and the recovery is serious, it is in the end up to you but into action provides a safe place for you to turn your life around, the give you the tools and support. what you do with what they give you is up to you! A good place to go for a new start.

Erin D

Thank you for being a REAL treatment centre! What I mean by REAL is a place where people actually care and want to see you do well in recovery.

Reginal M

Into Action Recovery Society helped me not just get sober but get back the things I lost along the way. I have regained my strength, my courage, my esteem, my family, and my vigor for life. I now have a community of like minded brothers who strive towards the wall of joy like I do. I am forever grateful.

Alim B

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