Recovery, Relapse, And Group Therapy

Life’s been hectic and uncertain this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No doubt everyone has felt some higher levels of anxiety or stress. Of course, for those dealing with addiction struggles, that added stress can seem monstrous. Maybe you’ve been struggling in recovery and wanting to drink or drug. You don’t want to relapse, […]

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PTSD? Are You Self-Medicating?

Struggling with PTSD can be debilitating. Anyone who does will probably agree. It can become so stressful that people start drinking or drugging to self-medicate. In fact, research states that about 33% of people who reach out for help for addiction problems also struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). That’s 1 out of every […]

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Finding It Hard To Stay Balanced In Recovery? 5 Tips To Help

Life can become busy for most people from time to time. This is especially common at the beginning of recovery when you are attending residential or outpatient treatment. Or, if you attend various 12 Step support groups during the week. Life can also get busy with things like relationships, jobs, kids, tasks, and more. Naturally, […]

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Alcoholism Myths Debunked

Jimmy has been drinking for about 10 years now. He doesn’t think that he’s addicted to alcohol. In fact, the 12 pack he drinks every night doesn’t even really cross his mind much. Sure, he knows he could save money without drinking. He knows it would be healthier too. But he likes the way the […]

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I Need Help For Addiction. What Can I Do?

It’s easier than most people think to become addicted to something. In fact, most people who end up becoming dependent on or addicted to something had no intention of doing so. Perhaps you’ve fallen prey to addiction to alcohol or a certain drug. Or maybe it’s gambling, shopping, porn, sex, or something else. You wonder, […]

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Have A Loved One Struggling With Addiction? How The CRAFT Method Can Help

“He’s missed his last three doses at the methadone clinic because he said he was broke. This morning I can’t get him out of bed. I need his help with the kids! What can I do?” Plenty of loved ones of those struggling with addiction can relate to feeling frustrated not knowing what to do […]

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