Finding Strength in Struggle: Top 8 Movies About Addiction Recovery

Welcome to our comprehensive overview of the best movies about addiction recovery. This brief will cover feature-length films that explore themes related to drug and alcohol abuse, and the process of recovery from such addictions. We’ll look at films from across the globe that have shone a light on this often-overlooked subject matter, and examine […]

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Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions about Addiction

Addiction is a complex condition that has been misunderstood and misrepresented for many years. Despite recent advances in our understanding of the science behind addiction, there are still pervasive myths and misconceptions about it. In this blog post, we will explore some of these common myths and misconceptions in order to better understand addiction and […]

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How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery can be a challenging journey at times, especially early recovery. For some, it can be easy to fall into patterns of self-sabotage or behaviour or actions that prevent oneself from achieving goals or reaching success. It is important to recognize self-sabotaging behaviours before they become habitual in order to maintain sobriety and stay […]

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The Power of a Support System for Sobriety

Staying sober is oftentimes a lifelong journey that requires hard work and dedication, and having a strong support system can often make all the difference. When it comes to staying on the path to sobriety, having someone to talk to who understands your struggles can be incredibly helpful. Let’s look at why developing a strong […]

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Conquering Triggers: Strategies for Overcoming Fear in the Early Stages of Recovery

If you’re walking the road of recovery and feeling overwhelmed by triggers, fear-based thinking, or unwanted behaviors, you’re not alone. The early stages of recovery can be challenging, but learning helpful strategies can help immensely. This article provides practical strategies that will assist you in identifying and managing triggers, understanding how fear can affect the […]

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Addiction Recovery: Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Entering an addiction recovery program comes easy for some and hard for others. Those that have hit their rock bottom tend to have a bit more motivation for change than those that haven’t. Regardless of where you’re at on your recovery journey, you may want to learn how you can challenge and motivate yourself to […]

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