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Admitting that you need help is your first step toward freedom from addiction. For that, we commend you. Here at Into Action, we’re ready to assist you in finding the best treatment path for you. Join many other men across North America who have completed addiction treatment here by giving us a call right now. We have caring and compassionate staff who would love to discuss your needs.

Successful Addiction Treatment

Chances are you’ve tried to overcome your addiction a time or two on your own, with varied success. Rather than beat yourself up about not being able to give it up completely, give yourself credit for trying. Anything of value takes time, and recovery is no exception. Whether you’ve been trying to quit for a short time or a long while, it’s time to give it another try.

However, this time consider making a commitment to an evidence-based addiction treatment program such as Into Action. We’ve been helping men get free from addiction in Canada for a long time – and not just break the addiction, but go on to create the kind of life they truly desire on all levels.

We understand that recovery from addiction involves far more than just giving up alcohol or drug. It’s getting your entire life back and making it even better. By learning about addiction recovery, important life skills like conflict resolution, anger management, relationship building, etc., you’re more apt to navigate life, regardless of what it throws at you, in a much more balanced, successful way.

Into Action is staffed by a team of certified counsellors and a professional staff dedicated to serving those who desire to overcome substance abuse. Whether it’s alcohol, cocaine, meth, heroin, or any other drug, we’re here to provide individualized treatment that breaks the addiction and teaches you tools and techniques that will benefit you for life.

Into Action also provides four programs that will help you recover from addiction and get your life back:

Residential Program

Into Action provides a safe, comfortable residential environment where you can take a break from your normal everyday life and focus solely on recovery. Here you will have a caseworker who will help you identify goals, have the opportunity to see a counsellor, and begin learning about addiction recovery and tools that will help you cope with life without using alcohol or drugs. You’ll also have access to plenty of good food and simple comforts, like a common area where you can relax with a flat-screen TV and your favourite Netflix shows.

Our residential program lasts 60 days, giving you a nice amount of time to get strong in your recovery. For those that don’t feel they’re quite ready to return home in the community, we offer a Second Stage transitional housing program where you’ll continue treatment in a home-like setting with like-minded men.

One thing is for sure: We’re here to help you fully recover, giving you plenty of access to substance abuse professionals and treatment that’s been successful for many men who have come before you.



Transitional Sober Living Programs

Once you complete residential treatment, you have the option to attend our transitional short or long-term sober living programs. The First Stage program is 60 days long and the Second Stage program is 30 days. If you’re still not quite ready to return home, we offer a Third Stage sober living home option where you can stay long-term.

The length of time will ultimately be up to you and what you feel you need in order to be prepared to integrate back into your home life with the confidence you desire. The sober living programs work well because you have a good mixture of independence and accountability to test the waters to see how your recovery is going before going solo back in your home environment. This is a great option for those men who don’t feel that they’re ready to transition from treatment back to home just yet.

Sober Coaching

We have qualified sober coaching interventionists ready to help you navigate the complexities of life sober and free. They can help you create a relapse prevention plan and integrate it back into your life at home with tools and techniques that can help you live your best life. Having a sober coach can help you in your addiction recovery, as well as other areas in your life you may feel you need some support with, such as career, relationships, or finances.

Success On All Levels

Here at Into Action, our team is committed to helping you make the necessary inner and outer changes that lead to success on all levels. By committing to residential treatment and sober living programs, you’re able to utilize the many resources available, such as professional therapists, a physician, group meetings, accountability, etc. to contend with the addiction and any emotional or mental health issues that are present.

The fact that you’re reading this shows that it’s time for you to take action and get busy creating a different kind of life for yourself. The first step may be the toughest, but it’s necessary to get the ball rolling. Allow the courage within to prompt you to draw a line in the sand and say, “No more!” You can do this!

Choose Into Action, and allow us to help you fully recover from addiction and create a life marked with peace, joy, and freedom.

Reach out for help now. We’re here, ready and willing to assist you.

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