Third Stage Program – Long Term Sober Living

The Third Stage Transitional Program is for those that have completed Stage 1 and Stage 2 Programs. By the time residents reach this stage, they’ll have over 100 days sober and clean. We believe this Third Stage is a very important stage for many men in recovery. Too many times men get to that 90+ sobriety mark and then head back home, only to relapse a short time later.

We feel that the extra recovery time in the Third Stage can drastically reduce the number of relapses that occur, increasing the chances of long-term, lifelong success. Most residents work or are actively seeking work. Others may be in school. We encourage working hard at recovery, as well as becoming a productive man in the community.

Currently, we have Third Stage Housing in Vancouver and Burnaby. The homes are modern, clean, comfortable, and safe. We want residents to feel at home, looking forward to coming back after work or school. Keep in mind most rooms are shared, though we do have private rooms on occasion.

The Third Stage Transitional Homes operate much the same as the Second Stage Homes. There are rules to follow, such as doing chores, being in before curfew, and mandatory meetings each week.

Sober living homes are a great way to grow stronger in recovery, without having to worry about having too much independence too soon. We understand that having a lot of free time and no supervision can lead those newer in recovery to feeling triggered, which can lead to relapse. Our Three Stages and the sheer length of time we allow residents to become strong in recovery have helped many men build the kind of recovery support system that led them to recovery success.

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