A Loved One Needs Help

If your loved one is struggling with addiction, you may be at your wits end wondering what you can do to get them into some sort of treatment. Chances are you know they need help, but they might not see it that way – at least not yet.

Or perhaps your loved one is thinking about reaching out for help, but just can’t make a firm commitment yet. Or, maybe they just don’t understand what types of treatments are available.

Tour Into Action Recovery Program

Here at Into Action Recovery, an evidence-based addiction treatment center for men, we’re here to help you and your loved one figure things out. If you or your loved aren’t sure about getting treatment, feel free to schedule a visit to see our residential environment and get acquainted with the addiction recovery process. As your loved one gets to tour the residence and get a feel for what goes on, he may feel much better about committing to our recovery program. And, you both can ask questions or let us know any concerns you may have.

If your loved one is refusing any type of treatment, don’t lose hope. We can refer you to one of our interventionists to discuss the situation. There may be things you can be doing or not doing to help your loved one start to desire to make some changes and start thinking about treatment.

Helping Families Get Back On Track

Whether you’re the partner or parent of a man with an addiction, we’re here to help your family get back on track. We understand loving or offering support to someone with an addiction isn’t always easy. You’re probably tired of being hurt, scared, frustrated, or feeling alone.

We understand, and we’re here to offer you support in healing and getting your life back too. Our recovery program takes into consideration the entire family dynamics, prompting everyone to do the necessary recovery work for a healthy, harmonious, and addiction-free home.

Feel free to reach out to our admissions department to discuss options for your loved one struggling with addiction.

You may reach us at (604) 933-9003.

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