What’s Stopping You From Experiencing Happiness

If you’re like most people, you want to experience a better life. You want to feel more peace, experience more joy, and have more fun. We sure do plenty of things to try to achieve a happy life, don’t we? What is intriguing is that many people truly desire this, but year after year they are not progressing toward that. For one reason or another, they’re struggling in a variety of ways.

There are likely many factors as to why some experience more happiness than others. Life experiences play a big role, including factors such as how harmonious childhood was. But let’s say the family dynamics were solid in childhood. What’s something that could be stopping someone from experiencing a happier life as an adult?

Passion may be a factor.

Passion is something that can cause you to push through doubts, fears, sadness, obstacles, and so on. Passion is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Given a choice to work with someone with extreme passion or extreme book knowledge, most people would choose an individual with passion every time.

How Do You Get Passion?

If passion is so powerful, it’s important to learn how to cultivate such a feeling. You may want to know where does it come from? How can you get better at feeling it?

Have you ever been doing something you love and the time passed by so fast? You were so elated doing what made you feel the joy that you lost all track of time? If so, you’ve experienced passion, as it comes from within when you are doing something that you love and believe in.

Passion comes when you are using your gifts and talents. Passion arises when you are contributing to others and adding value to humanity. It also comes when you stop sitting around wishing you could have a better life and actually taking steps toward making it happen. Or, when you make big changes that propel you forward.

See, you can be successful, but if you are not fulfilled, you’re not really happy. You can have a career that gives you abundant resources, but if you dread going to work each day, your passion level is nil. You will not feel happy for long.

Want A Better Life? Figure Out What Gets You Excited

For a better life, career, relationship, and more, you will have to figure out what gets you excited. What interests you? What talents do you have? What have you always wanted to do but were afraid of?

Make a list of things that you do that make you happy. Maybe you like to work on your car, maybe you live and breathe politics, perhaps you always wanted to be an author, or maybe you crave running your own business. Write it all down and then ask yourself what is holding you back from doing those things.

You don’t have to know exactly either. You can try one thing out and see how it feels. If it’s not cultivating passion within you, try something else. Think of it as a trial period. Don’t get down on yourself if one area doesn’t surface passion. Take note of it and move on.

If you’re going to a job you hate, keep in mind that there are things you can do to work in a different job in the future. It may not be tomorrow or next week, but open the energy that it CAN be one day.

Overcome the Fear

Fear is the number one reason why people don’t pursue their passions. They normally have an idea of what they are passionate about, but fear and doubts stop them. But here’s the thing about fear:

It’s an emotion that you can overcome. It might take some time and perhaps extra support, but it’s possible.

Every successful, passionate person has faced fear at times. They’ve also faced failure or hit a dead end on occasion. However, they did not give up; they learned from it and kept moving forward. So can you.

Don’t Know What To Do? Get Some Coaching For A Better Life

It’s not always easy to know what to do or cultivate passion, especially if you’re struggling with tough emotions like anxiety, depression, grief, and so on. If you’ve done all you can and still feel like you’re stuck, reach out for help from a therapist or life coach. That extra support can work wonders for people. Sometimes all you need is a little direction and accountability to get where you want to go.

And keep in mind that it’s alright if something you were once passionate about you’re no longer enjoying. There’s no rule that says you have to stick with the same job or hobbies forever. Give yourself permission to try new things and see what feels good. See what gets you up in the morning or off the couch.

The Sky’s The Limit

If you’re lost for ideas, do a Google search on hobbies or interesting careers. Utilize the enormous free literature online to broaden your horizons. The sky truly can be the limit when it comes to trying out new paths or following a rabbit hole in an area that interests you.

The reality is that you don’t have to stay stuck. You can begin new routines, start reprogramming your mind, try new things just for fun, learn what you’ve always wanted to learn, and so on. The first step is to just open yourself up for the newness and the passion that is simply waiting for you to let loose from within.

So today, go ahead and get that paper out and start jotting down things you think you’d be passionate about. Then, figure out what you’re going to go after first. Get excited! Passion is beginning to brew within already!

Can you feel it?


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