Trying To Quit Smoking? Top Tools To Help

Overcoming any addiction takes hard work, commitment, and time.

Quitting smoking is no exception.

If you are currently a smoker, you probably think about quitting from time to time. You may think, “one day when I’m ready, I’ll try to quit.”

You may have already tried to quit smoking before and maybe had success for a while. But for one reason or another, you started back up.

Help For Quitting Smoking

When you’re ready to tackle nicotine addiction, know that there are some wonderful tools, education, and resources that can help you quit.
Quitting smoking may be tough for some people. It can take a while before they actually kick the habit for good.

However, it is possible.

Whether you wean off the cigarettes or quit cold turkey, the hardest work comes once you’ve actually smoked that last cigarette. It is then that some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms come and can leave you feeling annoyed, frustrated, angry, anxious, and a whole lot more.

As with any withdrawal phase, it takes time, support, tools, dedication, and persistence to make it through.

What kind of tools are handy to help you quit smoking?

Check out the following mobile app and online tools as you embark on your “I quit smoking” journey. It can really help you when you feel like you’re not tackling nicotine addiction on your own.

Mobile Apps

SMOKE FREE Stop Smoking App

Mobile apps are wonderful. For you soon-to-be or current ex-smokers out there, there are some fabulous apps that will help you stay smoke-free with daily encouragement, tips, tricks, statistics, and more. This iPhone smoking cessation app will give you:

  • Encouraging and supportive message each day to keep you motivated to “just say no”.
  • Statistics and facts about the harmful effects of smoking to remind you why you are doing so.
  • A progress counter that lets you know how many days and hours it’s been since you stopped smoking.
  • Helpful links to videos and testimonies of those who have kicked the habit for good.

Livestrong MyQuit Coach App

This app will help you taper off cigarettes or stop cold turkey. You will be given:

  • A customized plan that fits your needs and desires
  • Track to see just how much money you spend on tobacco (or save money)
  • Earn tokens of accomplishment when goals are met
  • Connect with your social media favorite sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Additionally, for those who like to spend time online, you can chat with others who are quitting and ex-smokers at Dare to quit smoking. This app is free.

Craving To Quit Mindfulness Meditation App

This is a wonderful quit smoking app for those who like to meditate or are interested in using meditation to help them quit smoking. It is a 21-day program designed to help you stop smoking. It’s been tested at Yale University and has solid reviews.

Here you will find guided meditations, videos, daily reminders, daily check-ins, etc. that will help de-stress yourself and encourage you to stay on the no-smoking course.

This is free for four days and $24.99 for one month.

My QuitBuddy

Feeling like you have a supportive companion as you quit smoking can make a world of difference. My Quitbuddy is that companion. You’ll be able to see real-time how much your lungs are healing the longer you don’t smoke, follow your progress, and it provides encouragement for overcoming cravings. This app is free.


You’ll be challenged to quit in just 14 days with this app. Or, choose the “one less every day” option. You accept that challenge and gradually reduce the number of cigarettes until you get down to zero. You’ll also get plenty of encouragement, games to play to help distract you during cravings, and receive motivation cards to keep you motivated.

Websites To Help Quit Smoking

This is a website that is determined to help you quit smoking for good. Simply go to the website and look at all the helpful information. You can let them know your smoke habits and they will refer you to resources that cater to your individual needs.

Sign up for texts and you will begin receiving encouraging and motivational texts on your mobile phone. It can help to receive texts at your preferred times to smoke. You can also:

  • Check your smoking patterns via relevant progress charts.
  • Invite your family and friends to encourage you via texts and email along your journey.
  • Call an expert to get support at the National Cancer Institute Quitline

Smokers Helpline

Based in Canada, this site offers free, unique tools to help you quit smoking. It’s a wonderful online community for those who want to quit smoking and for ex-smokers who want to be an encouragement to others wanting to quit. Join forums and/or online clubs to connect with other members on the same type of journey as you.

You can register and receive one-on-one time with a Quit Coach to formulate your specific plan to quit. You’ll also receive encouraging, supportive texts.

Ask questions. Share your concerns. Get expert advice. Encourage others. You will be able to spend time on this site often and receive the support and encouragement that you need to progress on your journey

Reach Out For Help

Go ahead and check these websites and apps out and continue your journey to being smoke-free. Whether you’ve tried a few times or a hundred times before, try again. Recovery sometimes involves slipping up, so if you slip up, just dust yourself off and try again.

Reaching out for support can be invaluable when trying to get free from any addiction. Here at Into Action Recovery Society, we provide evidence-based, professional treatment and support for most types of addiction. You do not have to struggle with addiction any longer, and you don’t have to try to get free by yourself.

Contact us today with any questions or concerns about addiction recovery. Our qualified, compassionate staff would be delighted to assist you.


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