Get Motivated: 5 Tips For Building A Stronger Recovery

A strong foundation is at the heart of any success in life. Recovery is no exception. No doubt you want to grow strong in your recovery, as well as all areas of your life.

But what if you just can’t muster up the motivation to go after what you want? Or maybe you’ve tried different things and it didn’t pan out for you. Maybe the job didn’t work out. Or the relationship went sour. Or you just keep waking up with very little motivation for no apparent reason.

The thing is…everyone goes through periods where motivation gets low. It’s part of life’s roller coaster journey. However, if this is happening consistently for you, it’s time to do a little digging and get to the heart of the matter.

How To Get More Motivation

How do you get more motivation in your life? Do you think some people are just inherently more motivated than others? Do you think motivational speakers have some sort of gift?
Maybe they are born with a natural bent toward motivating people. However, more often than not, they’ve spent lots of time cultivating their skills. Likewise, they also regularly do certain things that keep their motivation levels at a high level.  Today, let’s look at what you can do when lack of motivation appears in your life:

1. Feed Your Mind & Spirit Daily

Just like your physical body needs food to have energy, your mind and spirit need food too. When you nourish yourself mentally and spiritually each morning, you’re more apt to have a better day. You’re more apt to have a better life.

What’s going on in your mind? What kinds of thoughts are in there? If you’re contending with a lot of negative thoughts, then you’re not going to feel motivated. You’re going to feel sad and have little energy.

So, your first step is to figure out what kinds of things will feed your mind and spirit. For some people, it’s watching motivational YouTube videos or listening to audios. For others, it’s meeting up with people who can motivate them, like a life coach. Still others attend recovery meetings to nourish themselves.

Discover what motivates you and make a commitment to feeding your mind and spirit regularly.

2. Create A Dream Board

When you can see your goals, you’re more apt to feel motivated to go after them. If you’ve never created a dream board, it’s time to give it a try. If it’s been a while, it’s time to create a fresh one.

Simply do some research on dream boards and get some ideas from boards others have created. Essentially, you’re creating a picture collage of the things that you want out of life. By doing this, you’re setting into motion positive momentum. You’re gearing yourself up to do what it takes to achieve your goals. You’re opening the energy for change.

3. Take Some Time To Relax

Perhaps you’re not motivated because you’re burned out. Maybe you’re stressed out about many things and your central nervous system is on high alert much of the time. You might think that this can motivate you, but it can actually drain you physically and mentally.

A great way to get some fresh inspiration and motivation is to take a mini or long vacation. Commit to taking time to rest and nurture yourself. In doing so, you may be given fresh insight of new ways to go about accomplishing your goals. Or, you may be given new goals and direction for your life.

What kind of get-away do you think would bring you some fresh mojo? Camping? Fishing? The mountains? Beach? Retreat?

Make some time and put it on the calendar. Building a stronger recovery can certainly be accomplished when you take time for a little rest and relaxation periodically.

4. Get Involved With A Like-Minded Group Of People

Have you ever noticed that when you’re with someone who has a lot of energy and is enthusiastic about something, you feel it? You find yourself getting excited too?

If you’re lacking motivation, connect with a group of individuals who are passionate and excited about life. Check or Facebook groups to see if there’s a group that appeals to you. There are recreational groups, spiritual groups, recovery groups, athletic groups, artsy groups, and more. Get around the group members and let them inspire and motivate you with their passion. Before long, you’ll see that your motivation level increases significantly.

5. Reach Out To A Therapist

If you’ve been struggling with motivation issues for a while, and nothing seems to get your mojo going, you might want to reach out to a therapist. Sometimes doing some exploration through talk therapy can help you get to the root of your lack of motivation. And, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various ways you can increase it.

Typically, those in early recovery have a bit more of a challenge motivational-wise. Consider having a solid support plan in place to keep building a strong recovery foundation. If you’re fresh out of treatment, consider attending support groups, meeting with a therapist regularly, and if you have a 12 Step sponsor, work the steps with them.

Summing It Up

Motivation can wax and wane throughout life. That’s alright. There may be seasons when your motivation levels are high and others when it’s low. If you’re struggling, however, and it’s affecting your life, take some actions toward giving your mojo a boost. It might feel challenging, but one step at a time, you can increase motivation. Start with small steps if you must. One step leads to another, and before you know it, you’re feeling much more enthusiastic about your life – and your recovery.


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