10 Tips For Never Giving Up

Throughout life, we all have goals and dreams we’d like to accomplish. They may be personal, professional, social, financial, and more. From the time we’re little, we were told that we want something, set a goal and go after it. We’re told to believe in ourselves and take action.

This is excellent advice.

However, it’s easy to set a goal, go after it for a while, but then give up. Just look at all the New Year’s resolutions that never get accomplished. Or the dreams people put on the shelf because it just seems too hard to go after them at the time. They may second guess themselves, fearing that they don’t have what it takes.

This goes for those in recovery too. There will be times when you want to give up. You want to stop doing your recovery work or fall back into bad habits. Knowing ahead of time why you shouldn’t give up can help be that motivation to just keep going no matter what. Staying inspired and motivated can certainly help you stay on your path to accomplishing any goals you have.

The following are 10 things to keep in mind when it comes to pursuing your goals and dreams.

1. Any Effort Matters

You may not reach your goals right away, but you can inch toward them. Even if it takes longer than you think to get there, that’s alright. You’re doing it. Believe in your potential. Even if it is obscure right now, the perseverance and dedication to move forward anyway can get you there.

2. You’re Dreaming It For A Reason

If you have goals and dreams, these came from inside you. If you are not meant to go for it, then these ideas would have never come to you. Therefore, whatever your goals are, do not give up. It might take longer than you expect and it might be tougher than you anticipated, but you’re dreaming for a reason. It’s important to you and most likely it’s important in the grand scheme of life.

3. What You Need Is Inside You

Perhaps part of the plan in you achieving your success is you learning that what you need is already inside you. Don’t give up on what you can’t see. If you’re on the addiction recovery path, know that you have the courage within you to stay on the path. Get quiet and go within to dig up whatever it is you need to keep working toward your goals.

4. There’s No Such Thing As Failure

Failure is an illusion. There are many lessons that you can learn when things don’t pan out as you planned. If you run into obstacles or delays, that doesn’t mean you are a failure. You may simply have to make some adjustments in your mindset or strategy. If you keep trying to achieve something and fall short over and over, view it as opportunities to persevere. Be in gratitude for every baby step forward and even for those backward steps that teach you valuable lessons.

5. Learn Valuable Lessons About Yourself

Never giving up can help you learn a lot about yourself. There may be some areas that you need to work on, like commitment, dedication, passion, perseverance, self-discipline, self-control, worthiness, and more. When you keep going even when it gets tough, you really get to gain insight on so many different levels. Self-growth can be an important factor in working toward accomplishing your goals.

6. If You Give Up, You Won’t Get To Do The Victory Dance

If you give up, even if it’s been a horrible experience and it seems like it’s taking forever, you will never get to do the victory dance. You won’t get to explode with emotion and feel the exhilaration of persevering to get to the end result. Reaching goals feels good. Navigating the hurdles or setbacks that come along the path is an opportunity to do what it takes to get through them. When you do reach milestones or goals, feel free to do a victory dance.

7. Breakthroughs Come To Those Who Keep Going

If you’re facing a mountain and come to a standstill, you will never get over the mountain. Obstacles and hurdles may come your way, but breakthroughs can come when you face them directly and move forward anyway. Jump over the hurdles, maneuver around the obstacles, and climb the mountains. If you need help, reach out. Whatever it is you’re trying to do, surely there are others who have already done it and would be willing to offer some advice.

8. You Get To Discover How Courageous And Strong You Are

If you give up, you lose out on really getting to know how courageous and strong you are. You may not feel it at times, but your strength is there underneath the surface. Just keep going!

9. You Can Tap Into Your Confidence

You have unlimited potential. Just look at all the people that have experienced success. They started out with nothing but a dream too, but they kept plowing forward. They increased their confidence, tried new things, asked for help when needed, and more. If you keep your dream alive and walk toward it, your confidence level will soar!

10. You Can Do What You Believe

If you can believe it, you can achieve it. This has been tested and tried by multitudes of people. If you give up, you’re settling for less than ideal for your life.

Keep The Momentum Going

Whether you’re navigating the road of addiction recovery or other goals, rise above the temptation to give up. Life is full of opportunities to learn and grow, so if one thing isn’t working, try another. If you’re in need of help, reach out. If you’re burned out, take a vacation for some rest and relaxation, and then get back to it.

Just don’t give up!


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