10 Things You Can Do That Are More Fun Than Drinking

You may see a lot of television commercials depicting drinking alcohol as a fun activity. The marketing messages that come through loud and clear are that a party just isn’t fun without booze.

However, these commercials don’t show the thousands of people drinking to drown their misery. They don’t show those that have lost jobs, money, families, etc. due to overdrinking. They also don’t show all those affected by people who drink and drive. Sure, some people seem like they are having a blast while they are getting intoxicated, but the reality is that alcohol consumption can lead to a whole lot of problems.

Instead of buying into the “drinking is fun” myth, decide to bypass the alcohol and create a fun life for yourself outside of alcohol. It simply isn’t true that you need alcohol to liven things up or have fun. There are millions of people around the world who are living life large and loving it without a drop of alcohol in their bodies.

If you need some help coming up with some things to do to enjoy life a bit more without feeling the need to drink, stay tuned.

Here are 10 ways you can have fun while passing up on drinking:

Engage In a New Sport

If you enjoy some friendly competition, look at various recreational sports and choose one or several to try out. Not sure what to do? Here are some choices:

  • Disc golf
  • Golf
  • Kickball team
  • Bowling
  • Softball
  • Dodgeball

Host Movie Nights

If it’s the weekend and you’re not sure what you want to do or if the weather is not pretty, gather some good movies and have a movie marathon. Maybe you could watch a movie series from your younger days, like Back to the Future or Lord of the Rings. You could also try a series or shows you’ve never seen before. There are plenty of choices available these days that you can simply stream from your television or computer. You can enjoy movie nights solo, with your family, or with friends. Make some snacks and give yourself permission to relax with some good flicks.

Join a Class

Many communities have fun classes that they offer at various times throughout the year. Take a look at your local YMCA or community center to see what classes are offered and enroll in one. Oftentimes you’ll find classes like fitness, martial arts, dance, swimming, painting, yoga, and more.

Stimulate Your Brain

Maybe there is something you’ve been wanting to learn, but you’ve put it off. Now’s the time to learn anything you want! Try learning a new language, making your own website, starting a blog, making a video, playing the guitar, starting a garden, cooking, and so on. With websites like YouTube and Ehow, you’re sure to find plenty of ideas to sift through.

Have A Zoo Day

Make a day out of going to the zoo and checking out all the different animals. You can go solo, but grabbing a friend or taking your family can be a wonderful experience.

Cook Up a Scrumptious Dinner & Invite Friends

Decide on a scrumptious dinner to make and invite your closest friends or family over. Or if you’re super busy and don’t have the time to prepare a whole meal, just make the main dish and have the others bring a dish to pass. Getting together and sharing a meal with loved ones can be incredibly rewarding – and fun!

Host a Game Night

Along with eating together, feel free to get some games off the shelf and share some laughs. Or if you’re into video games, play against each other into the wee hours of the night. Sometimes we forget just how fun games can be, so let your inner child let loose and have some fun.

Get Acquainted With Your Community

You may not realize this, but your community is probably full of fun things to do and cool things to see. Have you ever checked out a tourism guide for your area? If not, take some time to look up what visitors like to do when they come to your area. There may be amazing hiking trails, waterfalls, museums, guided tours, and more! Do you know the history of your area? Do you know what it’s known for? Have some fun and discover what your town and surrounding areas are known for.

Start a Blog

Now’s your chance to start a blog and start sharing your life story. It’s not as hard as you may think to start your own blog. And, it’s therapeutic to write down your thoughts, stories, and encourage others if you wish. Not sure where to start? Try blogger.com or wordpress.com. They’re both free and fairly easy to navigate. You can even start with a Facebook Page and just start sharing a bit of your life there. If you need some help, there are plenty of free video tutorials on YouTube.

Snap Photos

You don’t need an expensive camera these days to be a photographer. Grab your iPhone and get out there and start taking pictures. There are free editing software apps available so you can edit and choose various effects for your pictures. Post them to your social media sites or make a portfolio on Flickr. It’s fun to snap pictures of everything from your animals to nature to your loved ones. If you want to take it further, you can print some of the pictures out and make a photo album like many people used to do!

The Sky’s The Limit

There are thousands of things you could do instead of drink – all considerably fun! So, the next time you’re craving a drink, think back to this article and remind yourself that life can be fun sober. In fact, you may want to make a list of things that you think would be fun and get busy trying them out now. Take your time and enjoy the process of living your best life sober, free, and actually enjoy it?

Do you have any more ideas for fun without drinking? We’d love to hear about them.


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