Our Mission

Here at Into Action Recovery Society, it is our mission to provide exceptional, compassionate, and effective help for men who are struggling with addiction. Through our multi-levels of residential treatment and transitional housing programs, our team of addiction recovery counsellors provide direction, tools, and hope for a full recovery and a better life.

We value evidence-based clinical care in a safe, modern therapeutic, residential environment. Viewing addiction as a chronic disease, we have various levels of long-term care that go beyond just a short stay in a treatment center. We also treat more than just the symptoms of addiction, treating any emotional or mental health issues that may be occurring under the surface.

We aim to be a haven and supportive community for anyone who has the desire to stop abusing alcohol or drugs. Regardless of how many times you’ve tried, relapsed, etc., we’re here to give you hope that you can indeed work toward becoming completely free from addiction. We believe there is power in community, and we’re here to offer a safe community to help you cultivate a life that you really feel good about.

Into Action Recovery Society provides individuals and families that are suffering from the effects of addiction the highest quality care and intervention, assisting them with a harmonious transition back into society.

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