Here’s What You Should Know About Blackouts

Ever wake up in the morning after doing some heavy drinking and wonder what you did the night before? Your memories were fuzzy, or you lost track of time all together? If so, it’s likely you’ve experienced a blackout, and perhaps a doozy of a hangover. While you may not think blacking out is a […]

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10 Tips For Never Giving Up

Throughout life, we all have goals and dreams we’d like to accomplish. They may be personal, professional, social, financial, and more. From the time we’re little, we were told that we want something, set a goal and go after it. We’re told to believe in ourselves and take action. This is excellent advice. However, it’s […]

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7 Tips For Quitting Weed During Covid-19 Social Distancing

During this time of Covid-19 uncertainty, everyone likely has a different way of dealing with the issue. Some people use the time for things like spending time with the family or catching up on yard work. Others may play video games or use the time to make a plan for the future. However, a large […]

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Can Virtual Reality Successfully Treat Alcoholism?

In the last few decades, alcoholism has turned into a serious problem. Alcohol addiction, when seen as a subset of drug addiction, presents an even grimmer picture. In fact, alcohol kills more teens than any other known drug addiction. It is also the third biggest killer in America if you include deaths due to alcohol-related […]

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When Does Alcohol Use Becomes Alcoholism?

No one ever really expects to get addicted to alcohol. Despite the overwhelming evidence when it comes to addiction, most people think that they can escape the addiction trap. They think that their drinking is merely social. They say they only occasionally drink, so they feel safe from alcoholism. They think they can stop whenever […]

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Addiction Recovery: 10 Healthy Things You Can Do To Feel Less Depressed

Addiction Recovery: 10 Healthy Things You Can Do To Feel Less Depressed When you’re navigating life on the addiction recovery path, there may be times when you find yourself struggling with cravings, challenging situations, or negative feelings like depression. It’s not uncommon to go through seasons of life that are more challenging than others. In […]

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