How to Have a Social Life While Quitting Drinking

Many people want to stop drinking for a variety of reasons. Have you been thinking about quitting drinking, or at least cutting down? Maybe you want to cut out the extra calories. Or perhaps you want to save money, get your partner off your back for “over-drinking”, or quit for health reasons. Alcohol can be […]

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Is It The Blues Or Depression?

Everyone gets the blues at times for various reasons. Feeling sad is a normal response to many of life’s struggles or losses. Chances are you’ve had the blues on many occasions. But what about when the sadness worsens and goes on for weeks or months? What if you feel so badly that you’re having trouble […]

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Being Sober Doesn’t Automatically Fix Relationships

If you’re like many people, relationships can sometimes be a roller coaster ride. Whether it’s with family, friends, or partner, there can be ups, downs, and plenty of twists. On one side of the spectrum, you’re happy, excited, and feeling content. On the other, you’re angry, resentful, insecure, and more. If you happen to be […]

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Is your Mindset Holding You Back?

Life can become frustrating when you’re stuck in a rut. Whether it’s your job, relationship, emotions, recovery, or something else, feeling like you’re just not experiencing the kind of life you desire is no fun. But the good news is that there are ways you can figure out what’s holding you back and get busy […]

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Tips For Getting Off Anti-Anxiety Medication

One of the major complaints of those walking into doctors’ offices these days is anxiety and stress. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, work, kids, circumstances, etc., it’s easy to allow stress to build up over time. That chronic stress build-up can certainly take its toll on the psyche and body. To combat […]

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Mindfulness & Meditation: Build A Strong Recovery Foundation

When you’re on the recovery road from addiction, it’s helpful to have tools and resources to help you stay on that path. Mindfulness and meditation are two tools that can certainly help you relax, gain more clarity, and slow down the mental chatter that may be racing in your mind. They are wonderful tools regardless […]

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