Doing The Work In Recovery: What Do I Do With My Defects?

When you begin addiction recovery, just putting down the drink or drug isn’t enough. Sure, quitting substances when you’re struggling with addiction to them is great. However, recovery tends to involve more than just abstaining. Often, there’s “work” involved in recovering from addiction, as well as pain, emotional, or mental health issues. You can begin […]

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The Power of Choosing Positivity: It Takes Guts

Have you ever wondered why success comes easily for some people and not so easily for others? They may have even put in the same amount of effort, but one reaches their goals and the other doesn’t.  One factor that comes into play is oftentimes overlooked: The type of thoughts going on in their head. […]

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Tips for Coping With a Relapse

Have You Relapsed? Tips To Help You Move On When someone is on the path of recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, sometimes a relapse occurs. It’s not that they want to. In fact, most people try really hard to avoid relapsing. However, relapses, or what some call “slip ups”, do occur for some – […]

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Is Addiction Causing You To Isolate?

Spending time alone can be wonderful, but if you’ve ditched your friends and family to be alone, you may be isolating. You may think you’re just enjoying solo time, but in reality, you could be avoiding people directly due to your drinking or using drugs. When it comes to recovery from addiction, many on the […]

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What’s Stopping You From Experiencing Happiness

If you’re like most people, you want to experience a better life. You want to feel more peace, experience more joy, and have more fun. We sure do plenty of things to try to achieve a happy life, don’t we? What is intriguing is that many people truly desire this, but year after year they […]

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Can A Pet Help You In Your Recovery?

The road of addiction recovery tends to be a rollercoaster ride with some ups and downs. It’s likely if you’re on the path of recovery, you’ve got some resources and tools to lean on to help you stay true to the recovery path. Maybe you see a therapist regularly or attend recovery meetings. Perhaps you […]

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