I Need Help For Addiction. What Can I Do?

It’s easier than most people think to become addicted to something. In fact, most people who end up becoming dependent on or addicted to something had no intention of doing so. Perhaps you’ve fallen prey to addiction to alcohol or a certain drug. Or maybe it’s gambling, shopping, porn, sex, or something else. You wonder, […]

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Have A Loved One Struggling With Addiction? How The CRAFT Method Can Help

“He’s missed his last three doses at the methadone clinic because he said he was broke. This morning I can’t get him out of bed. I need his help with the kids! What can I do?” Plenty of loved ones of those struggling with addiction can relate to feeling frustrated not knowing what to do […]

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MBCT: Can Mindfulness Therapy Help With Addiction Recovery?

When you’re on the addiction recovery path, you may find yourself on a roller coaster ride of emotions. One day everything will be going alright and the next you may be facing some heavy emotions or daunting situation. If you’re going through detox or the early days of recovery, some days may feel super tough […]

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Sober Is One Thing But Recovery Is Another

Alcoholism is a disease that affects millions of people all over the world, with various levels and intensities. There are those that are addicted to alcohol and can still function quite well in society, holding down a job, raising a family, and so on. There are also those that aren’t functioning that well, losing their […]

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Here’s What You Should Know About Blackouts

Ever wake up in the morning after doing some heavy drinking and wonder what you did the night before? Your memories were fuzzy, or you lost track of time all together? If so, it’s likely you’ve experienced a blackout, and perhaps a doozy of a hangover. While you may not think blacking out is a […]

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10 Tips For Never Giving Up

Throughout life, we all have goals and dreams we’d like to accomplish. They may be personal, professional, social, financial, and more. From the time we’re little, we were told that we want something, set a goal and go after it. We’re told to believe in ourselves and take action. This is excellent advice. However, it’s […]

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